Fund2Flip New Site FAQ’s

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Welcome to the new Fund2Flip website!

  • Do I have to create a new account if I had one before?

Unfortunately yes. You will have to create a new account.

  • Can I send these deals to my buyers?

Yes, and we have made it easier than before. You can now create an instant PDF for marketing to your buyers. Go into a specific property, and click the small PDF icon that looks like this:

  • How do I see a deal if I like it?

You can reach out to us via email or phone: 619-207-7395 and we will either provide direct access or coordinate an appointment. In some cases properties cannot be viewed.

  • If I have questions on a property who do I ask?

You can work directly with us for more information about these deals.

Phone: 619-207-7395

Email: Click Here

  • Can I post my own deals on Fund2Flip?

Yes! If youre registered as an “agent” on the website you can submit your own deals. They will go through a review period first. If you have any questions on this works we will have a more in depth FAQ on this. In the meantime feel free to call or email.

Note: If you are not an agent please contact us so we can discuss your deal

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